Code of Discipline

The following code applies to all games and activities undertaken by Cumann na mBunscol or persons acting on their behalf.

  • From time of arrival to and departure from all venues
  • To all participating school teams, be they School Children, Teachers or Mentors 
  • Officials and Board of Management Members


Section A

  1. Punctuality. Teams failing to field within 15 minutes of the official starting time at the designated venues shall forfeit the match.
  2. Illegal players. Any school fielding an illegal team shall automatically be disqualified from all Cumann na mBunscol competitions for the remainder of that school year.
  3. Incorrect information. Incorrection information on affiliation forms shall also merit the team’s disqualification from all Cumann na mBunscol competitions for the remainder of the school year.
  4. Schools failing to return forms by the specified date; shall forfeit the right to participate in all competitions organised under the auspices of Cumann na mBunscoileana for the duration of the school year.


Section B

The following offences shall merit immediate sending off and one match suspension from the next Cumann na mBunscol competitive game. Continuous breach of same shall merit double suspension, i.e. two matches.

  1. Abusive language or abusive conduct to match officials.
  2. Dangerous play: dangerous play consists of any action outside the rules of fair play that constitute a danger to an opponent, e.g. striking, hitting or attempting to do same with intent.


Section C

The following offences shall merit immediate sending off until the end of the match 

  1. Persistent use of bad language
  2. Intimidation of opponent, i.e. threatening by words or gestures
  3. Continuous rough play and personal fouling